Site 1: RallyMaster Pro

Site 2: ARA Rally License

COVID Survey


Thank you for your interest in assisting with our event! 

2021 will be unique, as we work to put on successful rally events while also keeping our workers, competitors and public safe from COVID. Please review the information below for special procedures this year and how you can register to help us.

“No Spectator” Status

For now, our events will be “no spectator” events, with no designated spectator points.
Maps and schedules will not be available to the public.
This means the only way to get to see the action is to volunteer!
Sign up and tell your friends! We will be shutting down registration closer to the event so we can get everyone assigned in advance. 
Please don’t wait until the last minute.

Online Registration Required


All volunteers must be registered in Rallymaster Pro AND the ARA/Rallylicense/Red Podium site prior to coming to the event. NO “walk in” worker registrations will be accepted, everyone must be registered online in advance. 

To start the process, you need to register at the following TWO sites


Step 1: RallyMaster Pro

When registering on Rallymaster Pro, please use the “Work with” and “Preferred assignment” fields to let us know if you have others you are wanting to work with or that you have to work with (such as if you are sharing a ride), and any preferred or non-preferred assignment.   If you are planning to participate with the Gambler 500 or the Midwest Jeepthing (MWJT) groups, please note that in the “Work with” column.    Also, the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood is configured to automatically register you for both days.

If you can only work one day, Friday or Saturday (but not both), you are still very much needed, but just uncheck the one that you can’t work.

Site 2: ARA Rally License

(Please click through the “not secure” messages and then you can click on the red link that says “Click here if site is not secure”)

Note: If you think you might work multiple rallies this year, you can go ahead and check all of them when registering on RallyLicense, and you won’t have to do it later in the year.

After you have done this, we will have your registration.

At some point closer to the event, we will notify you where the onsite check-in is and the times, and you will also likely have to complete an online COVID questionnaire within a few days of the event.


The onsite check-in with be “drive-thru” style in your car.
Watch your e-mails closely for communications from us.